Oakfield provides 24-hour skilled nursing and medical care. Each resident has his or her own choice of GP and on call doctors are available at all times.


We offer a wide choice of nourishing food including home made breads, cakes, desserts. All meals are prepared daily, with fresh local ingredients and we offer a choice of meals.  Our experienced chefs are trained to facilitate special dietary requirements and individual preference.

Room service is optional, so residents can choose to eat in their quietness of their own rooms. Equally, those who favour company at mealtimes can enjoy a chat in the dining rooms. Residents can also enjoy a glass of wine with their meals.

Therapeutic Nutrition - 'Food as Medicine' simple evidence based interventions used to improve and alleviate constipation and UTI's

Person Centred Nutrition - Nutrient rich meals created to improve BMI's, reduce blood sugars and aid in the delivery of nutrient rich food. Tailored to meet individual needs.





If you’d like to call us for further information and availability, do give us a call on 053 942 5679 or contact us here >>

We’re always happy to arrange an appointment for you and your family to have a look around Oakfield.